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    Wed, 22 Dec 2004

    Trikes & Birthdays

    Aforementioned second test ride of the GT3 went very well indeed. Did my usual ride from work which typically takes an hour or so in about the same time. Arrived home about as tired but with no discomfort to speak of. Lets face it, bike saddles (even decent ones) aren't exactly comfortable... Perhaps most noticeable was the difference when riding into a headwind as I do on this stretch of the ride. Did about 10km/h better into a headwind on the trike. I'm sold :)

    A few work related matters necessitated a trip to Sydney, returned this afternoon. Timing was a bit flexible so was able to arrange it to coincide with a dinner to celebrate the 40th of David, a dear friend for many years. We played in a couple of bands together c.1990 and have stayed in touch ever since. David was the guitarist in Matrix and then along with his brother Mark was in Harlequin. Very enjoyable evening made even nicer by being able to have a good catchup with Dom who I'd not seen for 15 years+ and a lovely chat with Dave's partner Carmen.

    Oh, the attendance of a few of David's work mates including Colin added to proceedings. I mention Colin specifically as he'd no doubt be upset if he ever read this and I didn't call him out.

    Ended up buying David a copy of Derek Sherinians "Black Utopia" (mentioned previously) as a sorta birthday present. I think it's only a "sorta" birthday present because inspiration only came this morning when walking past Utopia Records. Picked up one of Sherinian's earlier albums inertia as well as the current release Mythology too. So far both very very good, guess that means I should by David a copy of them too :)

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