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    Mon, 25 Jan 2010

    #nocleanfeed matters to you...

    Facebook and social networking sites are an odd medium - like many I'm fortunate enough to have a wide circle of friends and family represented under my "Friends" tab. Hence they make it easy to reach out to people with minimal effort.

    I view spam on Facebook or the Blogosphere as just as unwelcome as it is in email or written form (remember paper chain letters ? :) So I choose carefully when it comes to promoting a cause or an issue...

    The Australian Governments proposed Internet filter is a Bad Thing (TM) for everyone, not just people who work with computers routinely as I do.

    Indeed for those that possess some technical ability as I would modestly claim to it's less of an issue - we know how to route around it without too much ado. This is much more an issue for the day to day user who lacks the skills to circumvent such filtering.

    Where it is a common issue for all Australians is that it will cost us money and achieve nothing worthwhile.

    For our friends in other countries it is also a threat by way of the potential to set precedent. A nominal democracy like Australia adopting Internet Censorship is a very different animal than in countries that are not not known for their freedoms.

    Please, all of you, take a moment to read the background material at and if you are so inclined, take the various steps outlined to show your disapproval of the proposed legislation.

    I commend the initiative to you.

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