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    Sat, 09 May 2009

    First Free-DMX-RX Code Drop

    For the last few months I've been working sporadically on an Arduino/ATMega168 based DMX dimmer project. Going to plan, the end result will be a compact (~50mm x 22mm) PCB that provides four PWM based dimmer circuits (think 1 Watt RGBW LEDs...) with the firmware and hardware design released under the GPL and TAPR OHL respectively.

    There were a few DMX Transmitter/controller projects out there but I'd not been able to find a receiver that was both an open design and physically small. So figured would be fun to build one myself and learn the gEDA tools along the way. Was also rather inspired by what Bdale and Keith and friends are up to even if the end result is quite different!

    I'm still finalising both the hardware/PCB layout and the software but what I've dropped today ought be enough to allow those interested to tinker. At this stage the plan is that free-dmx-rx will be one of the projects in Practical Arduino. Will blog new code drops as I do them in the meantime.

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