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    Mon, 23 Jun 2008


    Stop me if you've heard this one...

    fdupes is one of those delightful utilities that you quickly wonder how you got along without. "All" it does is, given a directory or set of directories, tells you what files are duplicates. Firstly by an md5 sum then for matches by a byte by byte comparison.

    In my case I needed to rationalise our photo collection a bit as I had too many directories named things like sort-later-dont-delete/ which contained photos already dealt with. Of course as fdupes makes use of md5 sums I would also catch photos that had been renamed.

    It's got some nice options for dealing with symbolic and hard links (optimise your kernel trees anyone ?) and appears to handle large file sets efficiently. Team it with xargs and you've got a pretty formidable little tool (or an unintentionally empty home directory if you're careless I guess :)

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