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    Wed, 26 Oct 2005

    Yes, I think Freddie would be proud

    I realised last night how much I'd lost track with this years F1 Championship. Not only did Ferrari come 3rd in the Manufacturers Championship but Michael also came in 3rd in the Drivers Championship. Last time I'd looked it was shaping up for the usual Schumacher/Ferrari walk in the park. Apparently not. Pleasingly Mark Webber finished the season in the top ten too.

    Rather unusually, this all came about courtesy of an entry tucked away on Music Thing - Formula One engine plays 'We are the champions' Being something of a Queen fan too checking it out was a must. Quite well done and clear proof that F1 hackers have at least as much a sense of humour as their computing breathren. May want to turn your sound card down before you let it rip tho...

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