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    Fri, 25 Mar 2005

    National Folk Festival

    After having a great Saturday there last year, am going to spend much of the Easter weekend at the National Folk Festival held here in Canberra. Has a really nice feel to, very relaxed, good food and beer, good music and company. What more could one ask for ?

    If you've not been before I can recommend the Spooky Men's Chorale - one of their more memorable songs kicking off with

    We are the Spooky Men
    We dream of Mastodons
    Practice mysterious handshakes
    and we can grow beards...
    if we want to

    ...very serious stuff :)

    Enda Kenny is worth a listen too, not sure if he'll be there this year or not. His material isn't quite as tongue in cheek as the Spookymen - more traditional folk. I picked up his "Cloud Lining" album last year and is still a favourite. "Sorry Little Man" is a bit of a shot at our, ahem, "Honourable" Prime Minister, "Al Saunders Garage" is just a really cool story.

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    Pleasant evening at CLUG last night. After too many months of not being able to make it due to travel or family commitments was good to get along.

    Mikal gave an interesting talk on Blosxom, along the way answering a couple of niggling questions I'd had about it. Was encouraged to hear that I wasn't completely off track in not having found a way to implicitly set dates for posts, rather making use of touch -t 200503232359 (filename) schenanigans when I wanted to have a post appear on a particular date.

    Mikal gave a very good summary of plugins too, something I'd not really got my head around so you may see a few more bells and whistles appearing on my site :) Hopefully he'll put the slides up on his website, or may have already and I've not looked hard enough.

    Afterwards we had the customary pizza and a good natter, nice to renew friendships and hear what people were up to :)

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