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    Sun, 20 Mar 2005

    Big Canberra Bike Ride

    Barring anything majorly unforeseen will be riding in the Big Canberra Bike Ride tomorrow morning along with, I gather, several hundred other people. Should be fun!

    Pockettrack rig is behaving nicely so you ought to be able to follow my (our?) progress from about 7am tomorrow here.

    [/hpv-stuff] permanent link

    Taking a break, Bandwidth

    Am taking advantage of the proxmity of Canberra Day and Easter to take a ten day break. Mostly pottering and going to Uni I suspect, have a few hacking type things I want to do. Got off to a good start yesterday with a bit of tinkering with a 500m 802.11 link - more to follow :)

    Can't resist commenting on Stephen's comments here where he discusses the bandwidth of a USB memory stick carried on a mountain bike. This, as he points out, being a reference to Tanenbaums remark about station wagons and nine track tapes. Stephen is one of the fittest riders I know - we recently discussed average speeds and we concluded he'd be averaging around 30-35km/h where I'm currently only managing a leisurely 20km/h or so... Gives me something to aim for tho :)

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