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    Tue, 28 Dec 2004

    Nice ride / out and about

    Did about 40km all up yesterday on the trike, returned home at the end feeling tired but not sore apart from my feet which are still getting used to the shoes.

    In the morning met up with John, Gavin and Tanz and did a gentle ride from Melba into town then around Lake Burley Griffin (the Bridge to Bridge ride as it's known) This was my first opportunity to ride with others on the trike, my companions being on regular bikes. Gavin and John are quite accomplished riders - go out for a 80km warm up sorta thing. Tanz is certainly fitter than I am but still closer to my pace so we brought up the rear a few times. John had compatible SPD shoes so we swapped for about half a kilometre, he seemed to like the 'bent.

    Being with others really adds another (positive!) dimension to the whole experience. I found it quite easy to keep pace with the bikes and the bike paths comfortably allowed us to ride two abreast, two deep and have a chat as we went.

    After the run around the lake we stopped in Civic (Canberra's city centre) for a coffee as is customary for Gav and John. This was kinda cool as it gave me a chance to work out how to lock the trike up in "real world" conditions. In the end we were less than 10m from the bike racks but since I'm still getting into the routine was nice to practice. Caffeine consumed we headed back to O'Connor where we hooked up with the rest of the family.

    Later that afternoon I wanted to catch up with some friends who were having a few quiet ones at a pub near Lake Ginninderra. A few bemused looks as a I pedalled up and was again able to lock up the trike near where we were sitting. Craig and Rohan went for a quick spin, both returning with "Recumbent Grins". A couple of hours spent in good company and an uneventful ride home rounded out the day. Tired, but not sore.

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