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    Mon, 27 Dec 2004

    Trike Update

    My GT3 was delivered back on Wednesday last week and I've been out on a few rides of various lengths since. Very very happy with it and with the service from Michael at Fuse Recumbents - I commend them to you.

    What can I say - it's just a really nice way to get around, much more comfortable than a bike. No aches and pains with the exception of slightly sore feet as I break in and adjust the cleated shoes, this of course isn't unique to the trike.

    Still waiting on the cycle computer (ordered it separately from the US) so I've not got absolute data but subjectively trike feels about as quick as the bike for the same rides. Expectation is anything that involves a head wind, trike will prove to be quicker and certainly takes less effort

    Will post some photos presently - this is a good likeness though including the colour :)

    A few random observations

    • For the first few minutes of the ride it feels like I've forgotten to put on my seatbelt - guess it's from being in a more car like seating position
    • It is very cool to be able to just sit back when stopped at crossings, or when slowly working up a hill
    • There are more bugs and insects 1 metre off the ground than at 2 metres
    • Other road users (ie cars) really do give you a wide berth

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