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    Tue, 21 Sep 2004

    Orange County Choppers

    OCC were mainstays on the Discovery Channel for a few weeks while we were in Austin in a show called "American Chopper" I could never see myself owning a chopper (maybe a Ducati though) but for some reason this show just clicked. The key players at OCC are rough and tumble kinda guys (father and son team) but they turn out some impressive machinery that really does look slick. Clearly passionate about what they do and use an interesting combination of very high tech gear (CNC mills etc) along with more traditional materials.

    So there you have it, I'm a closet OCC fan :)

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    Relaxing in Fremont, CA

    Very relaxing day today, chatted with friends IRL, on IRC and on Sametime, played with Rachael and Carl and just generally mellowed out. Hacked on getting Blosxom (pronounced blossom) going to make these pages look a bit nicer.

    Pizza with Rasmus, Carl and Christine rounded out a very nice day, dropping the guys at the airport tomorrow then Lu, Rachael and I are going to head into town for some sightseeing.

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